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Recommissioning (RCx)

Recommissioning, or RCx, re-optimizes systems in a building or facilities, so that they will align with current occupant needs. The objectives are to:

  • improve operational efficiency,
  • improve occupant comfort,
  • reduce breakage and maintenance costs,
  • improve energy efficiency,

all while reducing operating and utility costs. A well-executed recommissioning project can generally result in energy savings between 5% and 15%, all requiring a minimal investment!

Recommissioning a building’s mechanical systems involves running a set of analyses, verifications, and actions according to a structured approach, in order to optimize operations for systems, like a building’s HVAC system, regardless of the type of energy these use. This inexpensive approach improves comfort for building occupants while reducing operating costs. If this type of project is well executed, it will result in an overall optimization of the building’s performance.

During this process, the Akonovia team runs the analyses and provides detailed recommendations for performance enhancements, which may include repairs, upgrades, or staff training. Akonovia then ensures a follow-up over time to make sure that these measures are sustainable.

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