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We provide support.
We collaborate.
We innovate.

We are an organization that operates on a human scale, founded on core values that define our culture and our actions. We are Akonovia.

And energy efficiency is in our DNA; it is at the heart of every service we provide.

Why Akonovia

We help you tackle the energy transition and reduce the effect of your operations on climate change.


Our culture is geared towards you, our Client. We don’t just provide consulting services. We support you throughout your project and, as a result, your goal becomes our goal. We serve your interests, which means our services need to assist you in achieving your goals, and not the other way around.


Our logo says it all. We make sure to approach all our endeavours in the spirit of collaboration and trust so that you, our Client, can achieve your goals. This is something that we work towards at all times, and with every person involved in your project, whoever they may be.


We are agile, constantly looking for new ways to do things more efficiently and more effectively. In short, the status quo is not enough for us, especially since it is incompatible with the current environmental context.

Our values

Join forces to work together in harmony with company values.


This value is the cornerstone of Akonovia culture. Caring means adopting a frame of mind that favours understanding, and a generous attitude towards others. In all circumstances, we try to be caring—with our employees or colleagues, with our clients and their teams, and with other people from all backgrounds with whom we interact in our projects. We do this on a daily basis. Because we truly believe in it.


Many sayings can illustrate the power of collaboration: “The whole is worth more than the sum of the parts” or “If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.” Whether we are helping our customers achieve their goals or trying to achieve our own Akonovia objectives, we believe that any decision or action based on collaboration between various parties or stakeholders is likely to generate a better work environment and optimal conditions for success, for everyone involved.


Defined as “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.” Some might say that this value is implicit, that there is no need to affirm it loud and clear. We disagree. In fact, we think that it behooves us to mention that it is deeply ingrained in our beliefs and, as a result, our decisions and actions need to pass through this filter in all circumstances.


It is said that innovators are pioneers, that they can’t be satisfied with the status quo, that they are creative, always looking forward, towards the future. This statement echoes our vision, our need to be agile, always striving for more efficient and effective approaches or solutions.

Our history

Akonovia over
the years

Simulead is founded in Alma, QC
Simulead becomes Akonovia
Akonovia’s head office relocates to Montreal
A new office opens in Ontario (Toronto)
A new office will be opening in Alberta