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July 5, 2024

Promotions within the management

In recent years, Akonovia has successfully devoted a great deal of time and energy to its growth and development as a company. To maintain this momentum and be ready for new changes and challenges, we have decided to optimize our organizational structure. Our growing influence in Canada and France is driving us to set our sights ever higher, and to keep the avant-garde at the forefront.


We are therefore delighted to announce the following promotions within the organization:

Thomas FUENTES has taken on the role of Managing Director, responsible for overseeing the financial and operational performance of our entities in Quebec, France and Ontario. He oversees the company's administrative operations, coordinates the management team and ensures compliance with legal and contractual standards. He reports directly to Philippe HUDON, President-founder of Akonovia.

Simon RICHARD is promoted to Vice-president Operations, responsible for steering day-to-day operations to maintain the company's profitability. Ensuring that service performance and profitability indicators are monitored, he will play a key role under the direct supervision of the President-founder, alongside the other vice-presidents.

Jean-François PELLETIER becomes Vice-president Expertise and Innovation, overseeing the innovation department with his technical expertise and in-depth market knowledge. He will enrich our technological, commercial and financial practices under the direct supervision of the President-founder.

Pierre-Yves CHASSAIN now holds the position of Director of Innovation, steering the innovation department which will drive innovative projects to maintain Akonovia's leadership in its sector. His technological and strategic vigilance, under the supervision of Jean-François PELLETIER, will identify opportunities and mitigate potential risks.


These nominations aim to strengthen coordination and collaboration between our teams, enabling us to better serve our customers. They represent a strategic opportunity to create synergy between all Akonovia's departments and services, and thus guarantee the company's long-term future.