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Molson Plant in St-Hubert

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Molson Plant in St-Hubert



Project description

The goal of the project was to implement several measures aimed at optimizing energy efficiency and limiting greenhouse gas emissions in the new Molson plant. 

The new site is set to have a 64,120 m2 surface area and be divided into several areas: warehouses, packaging area, production and brewing area, mechanical rooms, offices, reception rooms, and showrooms.

With a new EMS in place, the organization will be better equipped to assess the energy efficiency of their processes, control operations effectively, and target energy objectives as well as the actions required to achieve them. This system will provide sustainable practices for continuous improvements in energy efficiency.

Services provided by Akonovia

  • Preparing requests for financial assistance and ensuring follow-up
  • Deploying an energy management system
  • Performance measurement & verification