Les membres d'Akonovia

Les membres de l’équipe AKONOVIA sont jeunes et dynamiques. Chacun d’entre nous a une formation différente mais nous avons su unir nos forces pour travailler ensemble et en harmonie avec les valeurs de l’entreprise.

”I thrive on challenges and innovative projects. The status quo is not for me."

Philippe Hudon
Philippe Hudon
ing., P.Eng., M.Sc.A., PA LEED, BEMP
President, Project Manager

Philippe has been working in the field of energy efficiency since 2005. He has completed more than 200 projects in energy efficiency, Energy modelling and commissioning to obtain LEED certification. His expertise optimizes the performance of buildings, reduces construction and operating costs, and maximizes the client’s investment. He has worked on energy, research, and development studies for commercial, institutional and industrial projects. Philippe is an energy efficiency and Energy modelling trainer for AQME and ETS. In addition, he was called upon to give personalized training in Energy modelling to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Innovation, to the Quebec Infrastructure Society and Energir, as well as a speaker at AQME.

"Building a human and trusting relationship with our clients and partners: this is my main strength!"

Samira Cherbal
Samira Cherbal
B. Sc. A, M.Sc.A.
Project manager

Samira has been working in the field of energy efficiency since 2014. She has carried out several Energy modelling in order to obtain LEED certification, to optimize the performance of buildings, as well as for financial support. She has worked on energy studies and research and development of a solar thermal storage system. As part of the Akonovia’s team, Samira is versatile with responsibilities in business development, Energy modelling and grant applications.

"Let's use today's best tools to build tomorrow's buildings!"

Pierre-Yves Chassain
Pierre-Yves Chassain
ing., M.Sc.A.
Project Manager - Energy modelling

Pierre-Yves is an expert in Energy modelling and a project manager. Since 2016, Pierre-Yves has carried out more than 150 Energy modelling to optimize the energy performance of buildings, obtain LEED certification or validate the design of mechanical systems. Plus, he provides training on new simulation software to school boards and the ETS. Finally, he is in charge of the company's innovation projects and integrates the BIM process in to Energy modelling.



"The world hates change, but it's the only thing that has allowed it to progress." - Charles F. Kettering

"For my part, as a seasoned energy playerand a committed environmentalist, I aspire to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint and

adapt to the reality of climate change."

Jean-François Tremblay
Jean-François Tremblay
Senior Project Director

Jean-François has nearly 30 years of experience in the field of energy efficiency engineering and greenhouse gas emission reduction. He is a recognized specialist in financial modelling and management of procurement processes, management and performance monitoring of self-funded energy-saving projects. To this end, he developed the methodology for calculating the economic value of projects used in the tendering of energy-efficient services in Quebec. He has acted as a consultant for the Treasury Board Secretariat in connection with the current overhaul of procurement rules forself-financed energy-saving projects and, as a co-manager, has conducted a comprehensive review of tender documents for energy-efficient service projects on behalf of Energy Transition Quebec.