Pavillon C3 - Université de Sherbrooke


A major renovation of the University of Sherbrooke School of Music Pavilion with a budget of $7.3 million.



New construction project for Lumenpulse head office, with design areas, manufacturing and administrative offices.

Aréna Denis Savard / Auditorium de Verdun


Major renovation and expansion project of $25million, with the addition of two ice rinks and a service block.

Carré St-Laurent


Project to rebuild a 13-storeys commercial building with an area of 32,028 square metres, including offices, underground parking lots, a food fair and a museum. The building was designed and built according to the requirements of the 2009 GOLD LEED certification.

Our Services

Energy Modelling

Energy modelling of buildings consists of the use of software to analyze and optimize the energy performance of a building.

Fianancial Incentives

Financial subsidy provided by an organization to encourage and influence energy efficiency measures by reimbursing a portion of the costs associated with the measures implemented.

Commissioning (Cx)

The commissioning of new buildings is a critical step to ensure that a project's systems meet technical design requirements.

Measurement & Verification

The measurement and verification process (M&V) ensures that mechanical systems are working properly. Monitoring can also be used to verify predictions made about energy savings.

Our Mission

Akonovia supports and innovates in a proactive approach to the construction and operation of efficient and sustainable buildings.  
Our team of passionate and committed experts allows us to offer quality services free of any influence. Beyond turnover, client satisfaction remains our primary objective to build a strong and lasting relationship of trust.

Our Values


Do everything it takes to achieve the goals set with our clients. Their projects become ours in the interest of optimal and responsible collaboration.

Excellence and expertise

Our team's expertise allows us to offer quality services which solidifies, through each project, our reputation as reliable and rigorous partners in the energy efficiency field.


To allow our clients to benefit from the most recent practices and technologies in energy efficiency in order to carry out projects that meet the most up-to-date standards.


The successof the projects entrusted to us remains our sole objective. To this end, wetake a neutral and honest approach to better serve the interests of our clients.